Visualize complex data, tell a story and capture your user’s attention

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Tell Your Story

Toolbox believes that any concept, no matter how complex, can be streamlined and packaged into a compelling story that is both informative and aesthetically pleasing. Toolbox guides you through the story-telling process to ensure your infographic content is compelling.

Simplify Complex Data

Users are more likely to explore, digest, and remember illustrations and data visualizations. Toolbox is known for the high-impact visual stories we create for our clients through the union of Graphic Design, Illustration, and Data Visualization.

Create Game-Like Interactivity

Static infographics can be effective, but adding a layer of interactivity allows a user to deepen their experience and explore areas of key interest. Rewarding a user with engaging interactions fosters a “conversation” by allowing the user to choose their path and widen their experience.

Inspire Visitors to Share

Well-designed Infographics are a treasure trove of shareable visuals and content. Toolbox can expand the reach of the infographic inSocial Media, PR, and other media channels by creating sharable content areas.


CDC Business Pulse

CDC Business Pulse

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Cisco Whiteboard App