Toolbox 9 UX/UI lift off process pyramid


Our Lift Off process is built to get projects underway quickly with a strong foundation for long-term success. Lift Off provides clarity about your application, key business drivers, success criterion, budget and timeline restrictions. With this strong foundation, the team can work quickly and adapt appropriately.

Quick Starts

We employ a UX Quick Start to rapidly clarify and document project needs so the team can get moving. Then Lift Off builds in appropriate checkpoints to make adjustments as needed. We make significant progress in a few short days, not months.

Strategic Alignment

We help clients articulate their vision by facilitating decision-oriented workshops. These workshops are collaborative sessions which make concepts more concrete. Rapidly produced preliminary designs support all key stakeholders to gain a clear vision of the completed project, facilitating approvals and keeping the project moving.

Tailored for you

Every client comes to us at different stages and the Lift Off process allows the team to prioritize activities to drive the clearest and most efficient pathway to the greatest impact, while still ensuring that long-term improvements stay on the project plan. We identify areas which provide high impact and focus our energy to drive the most return on investment.