Available Positions

Toolbox No. 9 is currently seeking a web and mobile application developer. As a developer at Toolbox you’ll have an opportunity to develop highly visual and innovative applications. You’ll get to work with awesome people using modern technologies including Javascript frameworks such as Angular & Backbone, iOS, Android, Advanced CSS, Node, Ruby-on-Rails, and more. This role will:
  • Create code so pretty you’ll want to put it on your fridge.
  • Interact, code, and play nicely with UX designers and other front-end, server-side and mobile developers.
  • Drive super important technology decisions for internal and client projects.
  • Interface daily with our super-friendly and competent project managers to lead projects and manage strategy.
The ideal candidate:
  • Loves the whole development stack and has a strong background developing applications with a focus on Interaction Design.
  • Enjoys leading development initiatives and interacting directly with clients.
  • Has 2+ years experience working as a web or mobile application developer or a degree in Computer Science.
  • Has a sense of humor.
  • Kicks butt at Foosball, Ping-Pong, Bowling, and/or Flip-Cup.
HTML5/CSS/Javascript Skills
  • Ninja with fundamental Javascript
  • Ridiculously awesome at making things look great using CSS
  • Knowledge of DOM manipulation with jQuery
  • Working knowledge of Javascript-based Libraries such as Angular and Backbone
  To apply for this position, please email your resume and links to work examples to jobs@toolbox9.com

Toolbox No. 9 is currently seeking a part time app tester to assist with the development of mobile and web-based applications and games.

This person will:

  • Interface with web and mobile developers to test and improve the quality of applications and games.
  • Work with project managers to ensure product quality.
  • Learn about agile digital development, cross-browser testing, quality assurance and user testing.

The ideal candidate:

  • Has a passion for emerging digital technologies.
  • Has an eye for details (including spelling, graphics, layout and functionality).
  • Has an iOS or Android mobile phone or tablet.
  • Has exposure to programming and web development.
  • Enjoys interacting with people, socially and professionally.
  • Is wicked smart and has a sense of humor.
  • Good at a non-sport such as Flip Cup, Foosball, Bowling, or Ping Pong.
  • Doesn’t mind being called a “Tool”.

About Toolbox

Toolbox designs and builds highly creative and visual applications. We’re located in Atlanta, and have a full team of creatives, managers and developers to lead the entire project cycle.

No matter what your role is, you'll be involved in both the conceptualization and engineering of the experience. Everyone participates in regular brainstorms, creates ideas for our clients and learns, teaches, leads, and contributes to Toolbox culture.

To apply for this position, please email your resume and links to work examples to jobs@toolbox9.com

Schoolbox is a 3 month program designed to take capable, intelligent and talented people and accelerate the learning process for Interactive design and development.

Currently, Toolbox is interested in helping the careers of prospective:
  • User Experience Designers
  • Web Application Developers
  • Digital Project Managers
It’s more than an internship...

Schoolboxers will be working with our clients under guidance of senior Toolbox designers and developers. Schoolboxers will be exposed to variety of projects and tools, and will receive in-house education on various topics.


As a Schoolboxer, you will be doing billable work for real clients. Just like any other Toolbox employee, you will be working on a wide variety of tasks, including everything from high-level to basic production work.
We expect you to be self-directed and dedicate yourself fully to mastering your craft. We can teach you a lot, but you'll get much more from hands on experience.
To apply for this position, please email your resume and links to work examples to jobs@toolbox9.com