Our Co-Workers

We might be biased , but we think we work with the most talented people in Atlanta. When you build an organization that thrives on collaboration and high performance, you get a reputation and that attracts innovators.


Toolbox values autonomy and a flexible work environment so we can balance our lives with our home lives.


As technology advances, Toolbox values providing the opportunity to master your craft, but we believe mastery is a journey, not a destination so our teams push to improve, not just our skills but also how we work together.


Toolbox sees a wide array of projects and technologies. This gives our team the ability to strive to learn new things, learn more about the world and the businesses that drive it.


We’re located in Atlanta’s historic Old 4th Ward. We’re adjacent to the Beltline and Krog Street Market. Studioplex is a cool place to work, bright and full of texture.

We’re Cool

Toolbox is a cool brand, and we like to think we’re pretty cool too. Culture is strong at Toolbox. We enjoy hanging out at Happy Hour, or you could join one of our bowling teams (Cobra Kai or Miyagi Do).

Good Clients / Good Projects

Clients genuinely feel we provide value. Projects can be fun, but it’s a great feeling knowing our work actually helps them achieve their goals.

The Right Size

Toolbox is big enough to have a solid diverse team, but small enough to avoid bureaucracy of large scale agencies.